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Kids R Us

Exceptional Childcare In And Around Cambridge

We are Kids R Us. A place where children can play freely both indoors and outdoors. Children are encouraged to create their own play spaces and resources together. Staff are engaging and thoughtful, helping inspire children’s imagination through play.  We aim to provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment that children WANT rather than have to go to.  


Our Vision

Inspiring A Friendly, Familiar & Playful Atmosphere

Our main vision is to continuously improve the standard of out of school settings through training enthusiastic and engaging staff as well as inspiring a friendly, familiar and playful atmosphere. Thus creating a place that kids choose and where parents want to send their children rather than need to.

We are proud supporters of the innate need for children to play in an environment that is child led. We have a strong ethos to have good communication between parents, teachers, children and school to create strong partnerships for the best interests of the children we care for.


Kids R Us

Out Of School Club


Breakfast Club

7:30am - 9:00am

From £5

After School Club

3:00pm - 6:00pm

From £12

Our Main Aim

Play, Create, Engage & Inspire 

Our Values

Exceptional Childcare

Safety & Security Of All

We have high standards of safeguarding, health and safety and general care of the children, adults and visitors to our premises. We continually risk assess our practice.

Children’s Enjoyment

We aim to provide an excellent array of play opportunities that suit children of all ages, personalities and stages of development, we are proud that children can choose to play outside all year round.

Parent Opinions & Feedback

All staff are trained in first aid, safeguarding and play work ethos as well as club company training in all areas. Each club always has a art and craft coordinator and an indoor/ outdoor activity coordinator so that there is always dedicated activities available to the children.

Enthusiastic & 

Well-Trained Staff

We welcome and highly value the opinions of parents and carers, we strive to improve where we can and ensure that you are happy with sending your children to us.

Play Principles

Play Principles

Message From Our Director 

Meet Our Director

Welcome to Kids R Us, the company I call home and my pride and joy. I’m Poppy and I am the Director of Kids R Us Out of School Clubs Ltd, a family run breakfast, after school and holiday club. I am now in my fifth year as director, after having worked, volunteered and co-ordinated at the club for over 13 years. I now spend my days visiting, assessing and training the clubs that make up our Kids R Us family to ensure we meet our expectations. With ever-changing guidelines, practices and legislation we continue to develop and improve our service. I am extremely lucky to work doing something I enjoy so much.


As director, I like to be very hands on with the clubs, knowing what is happens day to day, the parents and children that use our service. I believe that the art of running successful childcare is to know how your clubs run, listen to your staff, children and parents. I also strive for our clubs to have a family feel and a welcoming atmosphere. We are there to help, care and support our children and customers, we hope you feel you can approach us and talk to us about any issue. We recently added more contact routes to allow for more access to someone when you need them. I highly value feedback and want to ensure that we are always living up to your expectations.


At Kids R us we build our settings around the following concepts: Safety- Of course, the safety of all of our children, staff, parents and visitors is an absolute priority. We have our daily checks, risk-benefit assessments, safeguarding, health and safety procedures… the list goes on. Parents need to know their children are safe and looked after, likewise children need to feel secure and settled in our environments.


Children’s enjoyment– the last thing we want to see is children itching to leave our clubs, bored with nothing to do or not wanting to come. The best feeling for us practitioners is when children do not want to leave! (sorry parents). We aim to ensure that every day there is a variety of outdoor and indoor play opportunities that they can enjoy. We always have two specific planned sport, craft or group game activities and well as all the normal free play. We always ask the children what they’d like us to buy and involve them in planning. We are proud to have free flow play outside in all weather (as long as they have appropriate clothing!)


Staff enthusiasm– staff are a key element to any childcare setting. The amount of effort, passion and commitment they put into the club is what they children will get out of it. We spent vast amounts of time training our staff in our company policies and values so that they share our key themes for the clubs but also so that they have enthusiasm for their work and create inspiring and engaging play spaces for the children. We are extremely proud to have a low staff turnover and long-standing managers and deputy managers in all of our clubs. We area also proud to have males and females working in every one of our clubs.


Parent satisfaction– last but not least is keeping our wonderful parents happy. We know that your child/ren are your most precious gift and we want to ensure they are safe, happy and well-cared for when they are with us. We hope that when you come into club you feel you can approach us are greeted in the way you expect and that you can find staff to speak to if needed. We also strive to be on hand when you need us with club mobiles, an office line and an admin out of hours line. We have the website, booking portal, Facebook and Instagram pages so you can always send us a message.


I hope the website shows you some of the care and passion we put into the clubs on a day to day basis.


If you see me around to clubs please pop over and say hello.

Message From Our Director
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