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Welcome to our FAQ page. Please take a look as it is most likely whatever question you have has been answered below. If not feel free to contact us. Note also that we are constantly updating our FAQ page so check back to see if an answer has been given.


FAQ page for parents

This page is continually being updated with frequently asked questions. If you haven’t found your answer here, pop me an email at and I will answer as soon as I can! We have a wide range of club policies at the club for you to view if you would like any of these emailed or given to you please do email


Applying for a place? How? When? Cancellations?

How do I apply for a place?

You need to register your children via Once registered you can then ‘book’ for a place if there is availability.

For current after school and breakfast you must email Poppy; however as of July 25th 2018, all bookings will be taken online.


When can I apply for a place?

You can apply for breakfast and afterschool at any time in the year. It is never too early! We get extremely full for upcoming years and generally operate a waiting list.

Holiday Club, you can apply for this as soon as it is made available online. Normally 6-8 weeks before, summer is normally around May.


How does the waiting list work?

It is based on first come first served. If a day is too full you will be added to the list. You can ask at any time where you are on the list. You will get an email when there is a space available. This must be accepted within a week. We cannot tell you exactly how long you will wait; however, based on past you will normally get a space for days within a school term (this can vary depending on if you have been given a majority of days already.)


Is there a cancellation period?

Yes, it is a months notice to amend you days or cancel anything permanently. If we have a waiting list the may be waived at management’s discretion. If you cancel a day, please be aware you may have to join the waiting list to have this back.


What if my child will not be in?

You MUST notify us.

You can cancel their booking on the booking portal and it will automatically update our register. Please ensure if you have not done this you have notified us of this absence.

Otherwise we have to phone you, this takes a long time as we have many children, and affects us doing our job.


Can someone else pick my child up?

Yes, anyone you have specified on your registration form. If we have not seen them before they will need the password on your account.

If it is someone not on your form, you must notify us before they pick up with their name and when they have permission to pick up. They will also need the password.


Payments! How does it work? Childcare Vouchers?

How does invoicing work?

For current before school and after school children, invoices are generated around the 10-15th of the month to be paid by 1st of the nxt month. Invoices are paid in advance before the 1st.

Invoices are processed automatically on the booking system once booked. You can choose to pay by monthly installments, expected payment dates ect will be on there and sent to you via email invoice.


How can I pay?

There are 3 ways to pay via BACS online transfer to 20-17-20, 33217442, childcare vouchers (we accept most companies and we will sign up if not and card payments online.

Currently we accept cash and cheque; however, from September 2018 we will no longer, unless under exceptional circumstances.


Do I get charged for late payments?

*Regretfully, yes. Unfortunately an increase in late payments means any payment overdue will automatically be charged 10% extra. This will increase should it continue.


This will only be added if you have already had a late payment in the past. The new booking system will send payment reminders to help you pay ontime.


*If you have a valid reason why your payment cannot be made please discuss with management and this can be waived


Is there sibling discounts?

There are discounts, these are stated on the activity description on the booking page. Normally sibling is 10%, there are also discounts for early bookings.


What if my child will not be in? Do I pay?

Yes you pay for all sessions booked for the period unless cancelled a month in advance or someone else could take the place up sooner.

In exceptional circumstances, and with agreement of management, there may be occasions where you may be able to cancel sooner.  


How can I check how much I have paid and how much needs to be paid for this month ?

Currently you need to send us an email however we are working with a booking company to get this all automated. This will allow you to find out how much you need to pay for each month and how much you have paid.


If you use magicbooking, you will receive an automated bill upon booking, normally to be paid by the first of the next month. You can choose a payment option. If you like you can choose to pay by installments monthly, this will allow you to spread the cost of your payments.


Do I get charged for picking up late?

Only if you have not notified us and it is a common occurrence. We appreciate a quick text of phone call to say you are running late (it happens to us all). If you are late more than once a week you will be charge a flat rate of £10.00, this is after 6.05pm.

If you are later than 6.30pm and we cannot contact you, we have a duty of care to follow our uncollected child policy and inform  social care.


Holiday Club

What do you do?

Holiday club is from 8am to 6pm. You can pick up and drop off at anytime.

We provide breakfast from 8-10am. Children can then have a snack, normally a piece of fruit mid morning. Lunch is at 12pm and afternoon snack between 3.30-4pm.

All day activities on offer are indoor and outdoor free play where the children can use any resources, games and toys when they want to. We also plan 3-4 daily activities that the children can choose to join if they want to, there is normally a mix of craft and active things. We try to vary these to fit all ages of children. Sometimes the activities will change dependant on what the children in that day want to do.


We plan trips for the holidays, normally one each holiday but for summer at least three, we try to vary these each holiday and get feedback on what the children enjoyed.

There are extra charges to cover part of the entry fee and coach costs only.

Trips are normally very popular so it is unlikely there will be a club option too unless 10+ opt not to go on the trip.

What do the children need for a holiday club day?

Comfortable clothes to be able to play inside and outside, and weather appropriate!

A packed lunch (healthy options and not nuts!)

A water bottle if wanted but of course, drinks are provided.

Sometimes children will need stuff for a particular activity but this will be on the programme if needed.

Trips- whatever the trip letter states.


When is the programme available?

Normally 6-8 weeks before, summer is normally in May. You can take a look at past programmes to get an idea.

This will be sent via newsletter, sign up to this



We have policies and procedure for every aspect of our club including health and safety, safeguarding, behaviour and missing children to name a few.


These will soon be available online; however, at the moment you will need to ask for a copy at club.


Staggered Start

We are open every September all day for two weeks when the incoming reception children are settling into school.

We take them to school and pick them up at their times to make it less stressful for parents and to help them settle in quicker! See the letter on the website on the St Matthews page for info for the current year.



We provide a nutritious snack at club that adheres to the school food guidelines (which we do have to follow at after school club!)

Breakfast club

We provide milk and water to drink, we are looking to add apple and orange juice to this.

A variety of cereals are on offer as well as toast and preserves everyday.

We sometimes have extra options such as pancakes, croissants and crumpets.

After school club

We provide a rolling snack from 3.20-4.45 for the children to have when they want to. This can be hot or cold foods such as sandwiches, wraps, pitta bread, noodles, spaghetti, beans, vegetables, fruits, raisins and more. There is always choices, we ask the children regularly for what they would like to change (within what we are allowed to offer!)

Note: this is a snack not a substitute for evening dinner!

Holiday club

We provide a morning and afternoon snack for the children similar to above; however with more time and less restrictions we sometimes make pizza, pasta and sorts with the children. We can also have activities such as smoothie and milkshake making and baking sessions!


We offer many activities at club such as

*holiday club normally


Art and crafts     Board games     Construction toys     Role play

Dolls and Barbies     Den building     Kitchen area     Scooters

Balls      Outdoor toys     Fusball table     puzzles

Instruments     lego/ Knex     Cars     Train sets

Sewing     Cooking     Trips      Messy play

Water play      Sports      Parachute      Indoor and outdoor led games

And more!…. Dependant on what children want to do 


If you haven’t found your answer here, pop me an email at and I will answer as soon as I can!

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